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The manufacturing of textile decorations for the hospitality and event industry has traditionally relied on:
– Long-distance sourcing, which concerns very standardised products, large production batches, lengthy delivery times and East Asian pricing efficiency; and
– Proximity sourcing, characterised by extensive creativity, customised products, no minimum-order quantities, quick deliveries, small workshops close to the end user, and in which pricing efficiency is not a cardinal issue. Evento Textiles was established in 2009 in Antalya, Turkey. Its capital has roots in the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain and Taiwan. The company’s mission has always been to explore creativity and to offer new trends and top-quality products by combining its strengths as a supplier of proximity-sourced products with the efficiency of the Turkish textile industry. Evento Textiles has a branch in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to facilitate imports and rapid distribution logistics in Europe. The production facilities in Antalya are Oekotex certificated. Our products are designed and finished with easy-care materials to minimise creasing and are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours, including flame-retardant options.

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